MBC Confirmed Sequel “Jewel In The Palace” For Next Year

After “IRIS” more sequel drama will be produced. On September 17th, MBC confirmed that they have plan to produce the sequel of their  2003 hit sageuk drama “Jewel In The Palace” . MBC plans to begin the production next year, they are pretty confident to continue this project since they seem already have investor from China, Hunan Satellite Broadcast. At the moment, not only in China and Korea, “Jewel In The Palace” aired in 87 country and became the most popular and most influence drama for Korean wave.

But frankly, for me personally,  i don’t agree about this plan, beside “Jewel In The Palace” had the great story line that inspired from historical story, just like others phenomenal dramas, such as “Full House”, “Coffee Prince”, and “Secret Garden”, i think this drama is too beautiful to be ruined with the sequel episodes. So far, MBC hasn’t announced about the detail, the casts, the director, and the writer. I think they need extra energy to make the sequel as success as the first one. Good luck for them!

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  1. To do the sequel they should focus on jang geum’s daughter played by moon geun young…………..

  2. y.f.z"kh_samh"

    l love “yangum”

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