[MV]”2 Different Tears” by Wonder Girl

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls

After the successful 1950s concept through the clip “Nobody”, Wonder Girls took the same concept for their latest clip titled “2 Different Tears”, this time they have the full color 1970s setting.

Just the same as in the “Nobody”, Park Jin Yeong, the producer as well as their manager, have appeared in the music video. And now in this one, “2 Different Tears”, the wonder girls’s members become some sort of agents who are assigned by their boss (played by Park Jin Yeong) to capture an alien (played by Bobby Lee, comedian), but strangely at the end of the story one of the members eventually fall for that alien …Well, I think that’s funny :D
Wonder Girls still look sexy and provocative with their dance in this MV. Colorful costumes they use to make this video looks more cheerful.
This June, Wonder Girls successfully dominate the charts through the “2 Different Tears” which is the single from their latest album (2 Different Tears), released in May.

I think musically this song is less biting and less snapping, but overall it’s quite entertaining. Oh yeah… just for information this song is also made in Mandarin and English version…

2 Different Tears MV:

Nobody MV:

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  1. “Nobody…nobody…but You…” hmmm sounds a nice song…my favorite K-song…

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