New Project of Hyun Bin and Joo Jin Mo

[image from hancinema]

In 2010, fans of two famous Korean actors, Hyun Bin and Joo Jin Mo, in the near moment will enjoy both’s acting in a movie that is inspired by the story The Battle of The Yellow Sea, a true story about the battle between South Korean navy with North Korean navy, due to border violations done by North Korea.

The movie that had been announced on Cannes Film Festival will be available in the 3D version and will be titled  “Beautiful Us”.

Hyun Bin’s previous acting was enjoyed by his fans through “The Worlds Within”  (2009) and this series seemed to have less success. However, Hyun Bin’s acting ability will be tested in this movie since it is entirely new genre for him. Hyun Bin’s collaboration with Joo Jin Mo is believed to bring success to this movie.

Joo Jin Mo took a role as a boxer agent in “Dream” (also starring by Kim Bum and Son Dam Bi) and the drama was quite successful. Supported by his manly face and his experience in acting as a military agent in drama “Fashion ’70s” his taking part of this movie will give a significant contribution for the movie’s success.

With high tension in politic issue between South Korea and North Korea recently, this up coming movie will probably gain a lot of public’s attention.

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