NG Photos from “Secret Garden” Released

On December 24th, the official of “Secret Garden” released photos from the set. These photos captured the moment when they, the actors, make mistakes (NG).

After seeing these photos I became more falling in love with this drama. They, who involved were enjoying their work. It can be seen from their bright smiles in these photos. I’m sure this drama is also successful because they managed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere while filming.

There’s a picture when cappuccino-foam-kissing-scene, lying-beside-her-scene, or grappled-scene. I’m glad to know that a lot of laughter and love during the making of “Secret Garden”. Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Sa Rang, and Lee Phillip, don’t know what will I do first If I meet them personally: hug them tight or kiss them. :mrgreen:

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3 Responses to NG Photos from “Secret Garden” Released

  1. Ahhh!!!! The pictures are so cute!!! I bet that they cast had so much fun! :)) I hope that there’ll be a second season! :))

  2. jaica mharie sobiaga

    I <3 love SECRET GARDEN i hope theres part 2…

  3. wah… foto” nya bagus banget

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