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  1. Dhana Kumar Lama

    Moon Chae-Won is the very vest actress. Her crying face is just looks like my beloved life Late Mis. Nanu lama with whom I could not get opportunity to marry. Now, I am 35 Years old. When I was 34 my love late Nanu looks like same as Moon Chae who is passed away by Kidney failure disease. Then, I always remembering my love and cry often.I an hoping if there is heaven, I am hoping I will surly to met hee in haven and will stay together. She was also very practical same as Moon Chae.
    So, I feel my love is alive and staying my near when I see Moon Chai was crying then I could not stop to cry myself always. So, I like Moon Chae very very much and her real acting god gift indescribable quality.
    My all details can get in my Facebook block also.
    That’s why my dream is to see Moon Chae-won with very near by at once.
    And this is my humble request.
    If possible, please reply.

    Dhana Kumar Lama
    Buddha Born Country

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