Ojakgyo Brothers OST

As I’m getting more and more in love with this drama (too bad I don’t have anymore energy to write summary for this one), I think compiling the original soundtracks here is a good idea. This drama has been very successful by getting many awards on 2011 KBS Daesang Awards from the best writer to the best couple. It’s even extended into -if i’m not mistaken- 8 more episodes from the original plot of 50 episodes.

Reaching episode 44, the conflicts are getting complicated for each Hwang brothers. Tae Shik who still cannot get any real medical job, but finally admit his feelings towards Mi Sook. The best couple Tae Bom who finally confessed his love towards his pregnant wife, Su Yeong, but her response was so cold. Tae Hee who finally confessed to the family that he’s actually dating Ja Eun. Tae Phil who’s struggling to make Nam Yeol opens her heart for him. And the father and mother who finally found out the culprit from the hit and run accident that caused Tae Hee’s father’s life was actually Ja Eun’s father…

Before this I never really into a family drama because 2 reasons: the long episodes and very typical drama story line. But this drama caught my attention on the first 10 episode, so I decided to continue on following. Surprisingly, the story is just getting more and more interesting.

I Look by Gavy NJ

I Don’t Know (너일지도 몰라) by Jung Hee Joo

Park Sang Min

My favorite of all is this one:

Really A Fool (정말 바보야) by Kim Greem

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