Our Pretty Man, Jang Geun Seok

Omo! is this Jang Geun Seok? Why does he look prettier day by day?
In “Marry Me, Mary!” he plays Kang Moo Gyeol, a character of a cool indie band vocalist. He’s the prettiest male vocalist of an indie band I’ve ever seen. He wears a shocking pink shirt with low neck in these pictures. (I had to immediately check my wardrobe, because that shirt looks like mine). Pretty face and a funny fashion taste…this guy really is something…
The first time I saw him on “Marry Me, Me!” poster, I thought he was just trying to look like an ordinary indie rock star (hippies look). And then I thought Moo Gyeol’s character would gradually change his appearance to be more masculine and mature. But after looking at these photos, it seems that he is glowing in an almost girly image, not hippies anymore. Isn’t there any men’s clothes for him?
Further on about his haircut and the color..ough…I can’t give anymore comment. I think I can have that style as a reference for my early year hair.

Ms.writer and Mr.PD, please create more man-like Kang Moo Gyeol. I think Moon Geun Yeong is cute and pretty enough for the drama “Marry Me, Mary!”

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4 Responses to Our Pretty Man, Jang Geun Seok

  1. this guy is at 5min to get the transgender surgery and next appearance will be boy george, lol

  2. Otokeeeee…..This is that cause love u!!!!!

  3. A really sad thing about globalisation is that anyone with a computer can write shit about anyone. As far as I have been reading your articles all I can say is that you are some kind of frustrated fashion journalist or something. Maybe the fact that Jang Keun Suk being a male, is still prettier than you, is what makes you write so many ridiculous articles about him. But hey, you know what they say, it doesn’t matter if its good or bad as long as they talk. Jang Keun Suk doesn’t need to be the typical manly hunk, for that you have plenty of other Korean actors, starting, for example, with Lee Min Ho. What makes JKS special is that he is completely different, and his personality it’s really awesome. Outgoing and always smiling. He can dress whatever the hell he wants, and it doesn’t make him less manly, cos a real man is not made by the clothes he wear, it’s about attitude, and he definitely has it.

    • like!!!
      And for the writer of this article:jang keun suk should be more beautiful than u,that it made u angry like this!kkkk…dont worry!at least try to learn jang keun suk to have a beautiful soul!

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