Park Shin Hye: Adorable Puss in Boots Picture

Park Shin Hye looks so adorably cute in that puss in boots expression. I think one of her charms is her adorable baby-like facial expression that make everyone seems unable to say no to her.

Maybe that’s also why Yong Hwa’s character, Shin, in “You’ve Fallen For Me” (Heartstring) cannot really send Lee Kyu Won away from his life like he does to other girls chasing him. She’s just too cute in the look and in the personality. I’ve been trying to understand Shin’s feeling towards Kyu Won since this cool guy seems to be very comfortable with her. I could manage to find at least few reasons for Shin: Kyu Won was very cute without she’s knowing herself that she’s cute; she’s a talented musician, that’s for sure; he knows Kyu Won likes him but she’s just take it in a friendly casual way…you know not pushy or demanding; though Kyu Won interferes his life…he probably thinks she’s doing it in a positive way. The last thing i’m not sure yet.

Anyway, I cannot wait for YFFM episode 7 and 8 this week because Shin-Kyu Won’s relationship have stepped into a new phase. Though i haven’t published the summary for episode 6, I’m telling you that Shin decided to give Yoon Soo up, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he would forget her and turn to Kyu Won instead…just exactly like he said to Kyu Won.

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