Park Yong Ha Is Making People Cry

When I first read the news, I didn’t believe it. Just yesterday I wrote about the new drama “Love Song-Drama” that he will (would?) be playing with Yoon Eun Hye.
Sadness mixed with disappointment, do not understand why he took that decision.
On Wednesday, June 30th, his body was found at about 5:30 a.m. by his mother in his room. The allegations is that he hung himself with a cell phone charger.

His body was brought to Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital. His family, relatives, and friends were there. They didn’t say anything, they just cried. Among them was his best friend, actor So Ji Sub.
This man had played in many dramas, movies and had released many singles and albums, as well as received many awards. But I really liked his acting in “On Air” (2008) as a stubborn director who was so strongly defend his pride. And yesterday I was hoping a lot of “Love Song-Drama” but now it’s only an empty hope…
Now I can only say so deeply sorry for this and hope the best for all his family, friends, and of course, fans.
I will always miss you, Park Yong Ha… :cry:

Additional from Rizz:

When Blossom passed me this news, my reaction was “WHATT???” Really, I couldn’t believe it easily. I asked her, “was it confirmed yet?” I still hoped it’s just hoax. She finally said, “Yes, all confirmed. He committed a suicide.” Then we checked all the media in Korea released this news.

Oh My God…not again. Why Korean people always thought a suicide as an option in life? I’m not his big fan, but i think Park Yong Ha was a very talented actor. He also had a strong based fans inside and outside Korea, especially Japan. Many people love him, even if he had asked for THE REAL love…i just couldn’t stop asking “Why? Why does it have to be like this?”

Reading the news, i didn’t know which one was more heartbreaking. Park Yong Ha’s death or the tears coming down for him. Look at Choi Ji Woo and So Ji Sub…i’m speechless.

I still owe Blossom to edit her writing about “Love Song-Drama” and just planned to publish it today, but now this?

I’ve decided to still publish the article, to remind us that he’s one of the talented actors Korea has ever had.

Great condolence from Kdramachoa team…

Good bye Park Yong Ha

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  1. It is always the nicest, most sensative people with promise. I do not understand Korean, but would have loved to have seen him in concert in Hawaii. Great voice, charisma, and sex appeal. I do not know or even heard of those movies but his voice is universal.

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