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Before I continue writing, I’d like to apologize to all readers as I’ve apologized to my team for being hard to get out of the mourning days…but I promise I’ll move on after this.

For me too sad to discuss his death, now I just want to discuss about his life.
Park Yong Ha made his debut through teenage show on 1995, but he just got a predicate Hallyu Star since success starring “Winter Sonata” (2002) as Kim Sang Hyeok.
Besides acting he tried singing, his career as a singer quite successful, especially in Japan.
I think he has a cute smile, especially with a clean shaved face, he looked like a baby … so cute … so innocent … and cool and sexy and…okay, i’m gonna stop here  ;)
During his 15-year career, Park Yong Ha had a lot of drama and starred in the hit movies. One was the drama “On Air” (2008), Park Yong Ha cast as Lee Kyung Min, a drama director that falling in love with a drama writer…the love story was very sweet. He even showed his expertise by contributing to sing a few songs for the soundtrack of this drama.
His acting is brilliant in “The Scam” (2009), a movie that took stock market life as the setting.  His acting as “a lucky boy” there was very interesting.
Latest drama “A Man’s Story”(2009) also got success. Even the plan (unfortunately only plan) at the end of this 2010 he will (would) appear in “Love Song-Drama“.
In his short life, I think that Park Yong Ha had left a deep impression to the Korean entertainment, especially to his fans. For the friends, So Ji Sub and Song Seung Heon, Park Yong Ha is known as a cheerful and positive person. Unfortunately, the Korean public have to lose him..he was a good actor.
I’ll miss your smile, but 고맙습니다 for all your work, Yong Ha-Ssi… :(

Name: 박용하 / Park Yong Ha (Park Yeong Ha)
Profession: Actor and singer
Date of Birth: 1977-Aug-12
Date of death: 2010-Jun-30
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 178cm
Weight: 67kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: B

TV Shows
A Man’s Story (KBS2, 2009)
On Air (SBS, 2008)
After Love (CS, 2005)
Tokyo Wankei (Fuji TV, 2004, cameo)
Loving You (KBS2, 2002)
Winter Sonata (KBS2, 2002)
Well Known Woman (SBS, 2001)
More Than Love (MBC, 2000)
Snowflakes (KBS2, 2000)

The Scam (2009)
Love Me Once Again (2002)
If It Snows at Christmas (1998)
Island of Women (1998)

2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Lead Award – Special Drama (On Air)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award selected by netizens (On Air)
2002 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Bronze

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