Park Yoo Chun and the Rumor of Naked Photos Blackmail

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun’s name has been dragged into the current’s hot issue relating naked photos blackmail towards an idol group member.   However, today February 10 through Edaily, JYJ’s official has confirmed it that the idol group member is not Park Yoo Chun. He has nothing to do with the issue and they could prove it. They said there’s no such a thing and very sorry that the rumor has spread out. Furthermore, legal action maybe taken if the rumor keeps going out of line since it’s related to JYJ and Park Yoo Chun’s image.

Before this rumor spread, there’s a news from Seoul Central District’s Office that there has been a report of a blackmail action towards Mr.A, a member of a famous idol group. His ex-girlfriend, Ms. B, has blackmailed him a million dollar for his naked photos. So the news has grown to many speculations and eventually dragged Park Yoo Chun’s name.

Well, entertainment industry is so cruel. I think drama “Best Love” has taught us quite clear about this kind of thing. Innocent celebrities can be targeted for dirty rumor to ruin their lives.  But let’s keep our faith in Park Yoo Chun. ;)

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