Press Conference for “Love Me, Love Me Not”

Before the official release on February 24th, On January 20th the press conference for low-budget-movie “Love Me, Love Me Not” was held. Of course the main actors, Hyun Bin and Im So Jung attended the event.
“Love Me, Love Me Not” tells about a married couple who try to find the meaning of love again, until one day the wife decided to leave her husband because she is in love with another man.

The movie is a masterpiece from director Lee Yoon Gi (This Charming Girl). The process of filming was short and low budget, making those who were engaged in this movie don’t expect large financial gain from this movie, but for them this movie is still a great masterpiece.

“Love Me, Love Me Not” is also invited in the 61st Berlin International Film Festival as well as Hyun Bin’s other movie, “Late Autumn”, so Hyun Bin will be absolutely busy before entering the military service in March.
Oh yeah .. I really hate the clothes that Hyun Bin wore at presscon. It hurt my eyes. I would prefer him wore the-damn-sparkling-blue-tracksuit than in the monkey-leopard-suit. Thank goodness, I’m a fan of Kim Joo Won, not Hyun Bin’s . :)

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