Rain as “Biggest Badass”

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Rain was up againts some Hollywood’s big names like Channing Tatum, Sam Worthington, and others, winning “Biggest Badass” at the 2010 MTV Movie Award.  He was nominated through his Hollywood movie’s breakthrough, “Ninja Assasin.” This year’s MMA was held in Los Angeles last June 6th.

Some people doubt Rain’s obsession for going to Hollywood will get any success due to his lack of ability in English. But that night, this guy gave a short speech in that international language. I think he’s a determine person and he’s trying  to show everyone his big effort in pursuing his own obsession.

Is he the “Biggest Badass?” Well, he got the trophy anyway.

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  1. i like Chaning Tatum because eventhough he has a bulky body, he can still dance so well `

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