Rain: Good Bye and Good Luck

Today, October 11, Rain (Bi) is officially enlisted on military. A little bit rushy schedule indeed, his latest movie, “Soar: Close To The Sun” even hasn’t been released, but as a good citizen he must obey the duty calling. Jung Ji Hoon (Rain’s real name) will be in the military for two years.

The day before, he held a farewell concert for his fans. And today at Gyeongido military camp,  over 1200 fans came to say goodbye to him, he was really touched by his fans presence, he said thank you for them. Like Hyun Bin’s enlistment, this event was  also broadcast live on televisions channel.

Rain gave a deep bow for his fans. He was really sorry to cause the rumble because his enlistment. He also promised that he would do the best in military and then come back in one piece. After greeting his fans  he left cheerfully to start his military enlistment, but i know he must feel so sad to say goodbye to his fans, even just for two years, precisely one year and nine months.

He will be at Gyeongido military camp for five weeks to receive basic military training. So, goodbye and goodluck Ji Hoon-ssi, be safe on military! Oh i’m gonna miss rainy days soon.. T_T

[by Blossom]

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