Rooftop Prince Released the Posters

SBS’s most anticipated drama, “Rooftop Prince” recently released the posters. Before start running on March 14th, the main characters appear on these quirky posters. On poster above, described literally, the prince, Lee Gak (Yoochun) life on the roof, still wearing the traditional hat but on the red modern tracksuit. The prince  tries to adapt on modern life. and with that pose he still shows his glory, the prince from 300 years ago strays on modern Seoul city but still keeps his dignity as a royal family.

And on the poster below shows the flowers four (F4) Joseon version looked in trouble in the cramped box. the prince and the most loyal buddies trapped in the box, and look how colorfull they are with those tracksuit. and i hope in this drama, Yoochun can show an out of the box acting skill, to perform a different character from  usual stiff person on his previous dramas. I want to look him get comical and witty here.

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