Secret Garden Concert for Last Episode

Sorry I’m too late, because there’s been a technical problem lately.  So sorry for your inconvinient.
Anyway, “Secret Garden” almost reach the end. This drama is remarkable because it successfully become a phenomenon in Korea. Everyone was talking about this drama. And apparently they want to create a phenomenal ending too. So, on January 15th 8 pm-10 pm at Children’s Park Dome Art Hall, a concert will be held for Secret Garden Soundtrack.
The concert, of course, will feature songs from the soundtrack drama. And absolutely will be attended by Baek Ji Yeong, 4Men, Yoon Sang Hyun and others. Since Hyun Bin participated in the soundtrack part 5, he certainly will be present to sing “That Man“.
Why did I say that this concert will be a phenomenal ending for the drama? Because this concert is also used for filming some scenes in the last episode that will air on January 16th, or exactly one day after the concert took place. Very risky I think .. I hope they succeed.
Concert tickets were sold out since it was opened on January 7th. But there’s something I wonder….if January 15th at that time, the fans will watch the concert, then who will watch episode 19 that aired on SBS 9:55 pm? :? Thanks to technology…we have online streaming :D

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