“Secret Garden” Soundtrack part 4

Here we are, Secret Garden soundtrack part 4 has been released on December 27th. It is a little disappointing because apparently Hyun Bin failed to participated in this soundtrack.
I love “You Are My Spring” (너는 나의 봄이다) by Sung Si Kyeong , but I think the most interesting are two dynamic songs, “You Are My Everything” by Jeong Ha Yoon and “Appear” (나타나) female version by Yo Ah Ri.  The music are more cheerful and Yo Ah Ri’s unique voice brings a fresh new look on this soundtrack.
Sung Si Kyeong- You Are My Spring (너는 나의 봄이다)

Jeong Ha Yoon-You Are My Everything

Yo Ah Ri-Appear(나타나) female ver.

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