SeeYa’s Farewell Album Released

Sorry I’m so late writing this article. Actually when this album was released, I was very busy, so I could make this article today.

On January 21st, SeeYa best album “See You Again” was released. This is their farewell album before they officially disbanded. This album contains most of the songs in their previous albums such as Shoes, Crazy Love Song, Gani, Love’s Greeting, Shall We Marry, and others.

There are two newest and also the latest songs from these girls, “So Nice To Meet You” (내겐 너무 멋진 그대) and “The Last”. Not only Bo Ram and Yeon Ji who sang these songs, Nam Gyu Ri, the ex-member, also contributed with her voice.

I still can’t believe they disbanded, it is so bad because I think they are one of the girl bands with best quality of voices and appearance. Seeing the “So Nice To meet You” MV and listen to “The Last” make me sad. T_T

Finally, on January 30, with teary eyes they officially said goodbye to all their fans in “Inkigayo”. I hope Bo Ram, Yeon Ji, and Gyu Ri still singing and acting. Success to you all and I hope see you again later, eonnies!!! ;)

So Nice To Meet You MV:

The Last:

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