Seo Woo, A Loser Cinderella?

There’s something a little annoying for me when reading Seo Woo’s statement about her acting in Cinderella’s Sister, based on interviews with Harper’s Bazaar. Seo Woo said that her acting as Hyeo Son is the worst acting, yet her most worked on character. Although not a Cinderella’s Sisters lover, I have a little objection for her statement. I think, the statement sounded more like a complaint of a person who had lost in a game or a kind of denial of her disability to put her acting equal with Moon Geun Yeong and Cheon Jeong Myeong.

Well, maybe she has a further explanation for her statements…and we can read the overall interview on the Harper’s Bazaar July edition.

Seo Woo, too bad…pretty face, but lack of gratitude.

[–Rizz: Oh, c’mon! She’s just a newbie while MGY and CJM have been acting a lot longer than her. Heck, MGY’s acting skill is on the top ranking! You still have a very long way to go, young girl. And I don’t think you’re that bad. You made quite an impressive acting in your debut. Go and see many Cinderella’s Sister’s forums and you’ll find that there’re so many people like your acting. If you think you weren’t challenged enough in the drama, what do you call Taecyon’s role as Jung Woo?? Don’t let many CS’s fans down by your lame statements.]

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