Shin Min Ah “Like A Virgin” for High Cut

For Anticipating her new drama “Arang and Magistrate”, this July Shin Min Ah appeared on High Cut latest edition. She showed her other charm, as usual she looks cute and sweet, but for this photoshoot she looks so bold and provocative. This pictorial will be published on July 5th.

When she’s wearing the white veil, actually that pose reminds me of Madonna’s song “Like A Virgin.” Shin Min Ah looks innocent but really seductive, and also on other poses. Overall, even with just a little photoshop’s effect she just looks flawless with her milky skin.

Besides this pictorial, on High Cut Shin Min Ah also shared her thought about her career, sometimes she thinks on twenties she was too lazy to pursue her career. She also talks about her latest characters, on “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho” and “Arang and Magistrate”, because on those drama she has one base similar thing, she plays as the astral creature, as the spirit. She is crazyly beautiful, maybe they (the producers and directors) think that the woman as beautiful as her is too pretty to become a real character. Shin Min Ah said at first she worried that people will compare her roles, but actually those characters are completely different.



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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    One of the reasons I love Shin Min A, she looks normal. Not overly skinny, emaciated, like a real woman I’d aspire to look like! Love her. Love the pictures!!

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