So Ji Sub’s Stills from “Only You”

As we knew that So Ji Sub plays as a former boxer on his new romantic movie “Only You”. And these stills were taken from that movie. In those pictures which released on September 9th, mostly showed Cheol Min, So Ji Sub’s character, while boxing practice. For this movie, So Ji Sub really practiced some boxing techniques. And with his built body he’s very convincing as a boxer.

He looks so sorrow, especially with bruises on his face. And maybe this movie will tell about gloomy love story between Cheol Min and Jeong Hwa (Han Hyo Joo). Frankly, i don;t want to have a good expectation for this movie, like happy ending or something like that, because almost of So Ji Sub’s dramas and movies would end tragic. But, i still hope that this time the writer and director would kind enough to give his role a happy ending this time.

[by Blossom]

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