Son Ye Jin Dropped, Park Yoo Chun Still Considers “I Miss You”

It seems that Son Ye Jin has to postpone her small screen comeback. On August 20, reportedly that she was under reviewing of MBC up-coming drama “I Miss You” (보고 싶다)  alongside with Park Yoo Chun, then through her agency, she made official statement that due to her movie tight scheduled she’s forced to turned down the offer. It’s a been long time since the last time I saw her on small screen through “Personal Taste,” which was three years ago.

Son Ye Jin was really interested in the script, but she realized with her big screen project it’s impossible to join this project. Just for 2012 she has two movie projects, “Tower” and “Accomplice”. But thank goodness, on leading actor side, even though there’s no confirmation yet, Park Yoo Chun is still considering this offer.

“I Miss You” (보고 싶다) a melodrama tells about first love.  When they were as teenagers their love left unfinished with terrible heartache. Then they meet again when they were adult, the unfinished love and pain still there on their hearts.

This drama is planned to follow up “Arang and Magistrate” on late of October.

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  1. Tsk tsk, it’s really sad to hear that Son Ye-jin is out. I missed her seeing in some newer films..

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