Song Hye Kyo’s latest photo

Song Hye Kyeo, 28 years old and looks more elegant
Seeing the latest photos from Song Hye Kyeo makes me speechless (or envy? hehe), just one word popped out in my head: how lucky Hyun Bin is!
She’s so goddessly gourgeous. This photo session, taken earlier this June, was for advertising of a decoration company. Look how graceful she was when posing among the flowers!!!

Rizz comment:  hmm..considering the plastic surgery issue done by most of Korean celebrities, do you think Song Hye Kyo had done so, too? Honestly i’m in a full doubt that it’s her natural figure, but yeah she’s very pretty. Look how perfect her face is in a very close up image. You can check her childhood pictures here.

and the out fit collections are pretty too…

[images source]

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