Song Hye Kyo Spreads Her Sexy Charm on Highcut

20130206-Song Hye Kyo

For anticipating her up-coming melodrama “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, Song Hye Kyo appears on Highcut. Her edition will be published on February 7th, but ready for website version since today (February 6).

Song Hye Kyo shows off her natural beauty with bohemian tone and looks bold. I love her make up especially on her eyes, makes her look sexier and with the blue, white, and black vibe make her looks mysterious and gloomy, as if representing her role on her up-coming drama, Oh Yeong, the blind heir.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” is her small screen-comeback-project after 4 years. On this melodrama she acts alongside with Jo In Sung. On interview for magazine, she reveals that she really loves the male lead character, Oh Soo, when she read the synopsis, and she became more excited when she knew that Jo In Sung who would be portraying that character, it would be perfect indeed.

Moreover, she talks about the junior actresses, she put attention for Moon Chae Won, she amazed with Moon Chae Won’s natural acting skill. She admitted that she decided to watch “Nice Guy” just because of Moon Chae Won.

For early year she only concentrates for this melodrama, “The Winter, That Wind Blows” which tells about two people who disbelieve on love met on difficult situation that make both falling in love each other. The drama will start airing at February 13th on SBS.

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