Storm Shadow Did Survive

Storm Shadow’s life at the end of the movie “GI Joe The Rise of The Cobra” was still a mystery. Whether or not his role ended when he fell into the endless pit or his samurai action still continuous?
Based on Lee Byeong Heon’s statement during the press conference and screening of “I Saw The Devil” (August 11), my curiosity was then answered. Lee Byeong Heon says, the GI’s sequel movie script has been completed and he will start filming for that movie next year. Yups! .. that means Storm Shadow still survives …
it’s cool, I love that character, the mysterious villain, and frankly, I think his fight scenes was the most interesting part of the movie.
And for “I Saw The Devil”, the movie has been released in Korea since August 12. The competition is pretty tough, one of them was Won Bin’s “The Man From Nowhere

So, I hope this movie will gain a lot of success… ;)

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