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Kang Ji Hwan’s Flattery

Actually I’ve written about this, but I’m tempted to rediscuss it after seeing this image. The picture reminds me of “Capital Scandal“. In “Capital Scandal”, Kang Ji Hwan who played as Soo Woo Wan, a playboy, always had that style. He usually put his index finger to his lips, as if telling to his interlocutor […]


Kang Ji Hwan’s Musical Success In Japan

Musical drama “Caffeine” gains a big success in Japan. Even on the first day of  the performance, the theater was fully crowded with audience. “Caffeine” is a musical drama starring Kang Ji Hwan. “Caffeine” is taken from a comic story and Kang Ji Hwan played as a playboy (a common thing for him). However, this […]