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SeeYa’s Farewell Album Released

Sorry I’m so late writing this article. Actually when this album was released, I was very busy, so I could make this article today. On January 21st, SeeYa best album “See You Again” was released. This is their farewell album before they officially disbanded. This album contains most of the songs in their previous albums […]

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SeeYa’s Farewell Album Before Disbandment

This is a bad news. Finally, after five years together on SeeYa, Lee Bo Ram and Kim Yeon Ji, decided to separate. SeeYa debuted on 2006 with three members, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Bo Ram, Kim Yeon Ji. Nam Gyu Ri decided to quit and was replaced by Lee Soo Mi, but on early 2010 […]

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SeeYa-DaVichi Together Again

Wow!!! That’s great..I really love these girls. I think Lee Bo Ram, Kim Yeon Ji, Lee Hae Ri, Kang Min Kyung have  strong voices. They do really sing,  you know what I mean, there are many idol groups but a few  that really sing and have a good voices.  SeeYa and DaVichi absolutely have it. […]