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Even Seo Woo’s Fingers Are Also Aggressive

As an aggressive actress, Baek In Gi (played by Seo Woo) apparently caused controversy on “Flames of Ambition”(which aired on Oct.17). She vent her anger to a bunch of reporters with rude attitude, she showed her middle finger. Many people objected to this scene because it is considered as rude and very insulting. The officials […]

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Yoo Seung Ho-Seo Woo Met On Scene

Frankly, “Flames of Ambition” is too heavy for my brain, too much emotion and conflict, and it doesn’t suit me because I watched the drama just to make me laugh and get entertained, not thinking. But even so, I sometimes still make a glance at this weekend drama, surely because of Yoo Seung Ho. (even […]