Teaser Images’s Girls Generation Third Mini Album (page 2)

Still in 70’s full color concept, now it’s turn to Taeyeon, Sunny, and Hyeyon appear in the teaser images for their third mini-album titled “Hoot”. The three of them are wearing bright colors like yellow, green, blue, and orange. Incomparison with the first image teasers, they look brighter and fresher. Beside images, this time audio teaser was also released. This mini album will be released on October 27th.

Audio teaser:

Taeyeon wears yellow, making her look younger and adorable. Sunny with bold blue makes her look spunky. And green makes Hyeyeon look more sexy.

probably due to makeup effects, Taeyeon’s face looks different. :?

i love this blue, Sunny look like a real spy girl! B)

Hyeyeon create a vibrant green. B)

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