Teasers and Poster for Playful Kiss

In the poster they look cute together.
After Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min showed up briefly in the first teaser, this time the second teaser is released.
From these teasers, I think I begin to know the character of the casts, particularly Kim Hyun Joong. At first I doubted him, but I think he’ll work very hard for this drama.
Jung So Min (as Oh Ha Ni) also  present Kotoko’s character, (original character from dorama) a-silly-clumsy-dreamer girl, quite well.
I hope Kim Hyun Joong-Jung So Min’s acting will make me love this drama.

[Rizz additional: I guess this drama will be more mirroring the Taiwanese version, just like what they did in Boys Before Flower. I can say that because i’m pretty much seeing it from the girl’s hairstyle, Kim Hyun Joon’s style, and a glimpse of the house interior…yeahh, i’m a big fan of the Joe Cheng-Ariel Lin version ;) ]

First teaser

Second teaser

[info and image source; videos source: 1,2]

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  1. cUte!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SupEr l0vE tHiS dRamA….!!!tHey l0ok gReaT…0h I rEmEmbEr….aRj0E.. :roll: :lol:

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