“Temptation of Wolves” Will Remake on Small Screen

Kang Dong Won’s 2004 movie, “Temptation of Wolves” (늑대의 유혹) will be remade into drama. the movie was an adaptation from a popular internet novel, soon will be adapt in to scenario drama.

Beside Kang Dong Won, this movie featured Jo Han Seong and Lee Chung Ah. “Temptation of Wolves”  tells about teenage romance, triangle love between Kang Dong Won-Lee Chung Ah-Jo Han Seong’s characters. New girl on school has ended on triangle love with two most eligible male students at school.

Theremake project will be handled by J.S Pictures and will be co-produce with Apple Production. They planned this drama will be ready to run about early half of next year, maybe on spring. Soon, they have to find the casts, and too bad there will be no Kang Dong Won for drama version, beside he’s doing his duty on military until summer 2012, i think you can’t put that hot ajeossi on high school student role anymore, right? but, i crossed my finger, hope Kang Dong Won will appear as cameo, maybe…i already miss his cold-sexy-face..  :mrgreen:

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  1. haha..joo won or TOP would fit KDW’s role..they all look alike

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