The Adoring Kang Ji Hwan on “Lie To Me”

After seeing Kang Ji Hwan’s neat appearance in this photo, I think in May it will blooming a lot of new chadonam. In his new drama “Lie To Me”(내게 거짓말을 해봐) Kang Ji Hwan will act as Hyun Ki Moon,an executive urban guy for luxury hotel (CEO), wealthy, educated, polite……. shortly he’s an adoring-perfect-guy.

I will not doubt Kang Ji Hwan’s work since his romantic-comedy drama always be my favorite. Frankly I miss his role as a player, because I miss his mischievous smile. ;)

In this drama, Kang Ji Hwan will always be neatly dressed. His role has a powerful aristocrat attitude and has a good image in society. But what would happen to his good image when he was involved in a marriage scandal with a simple girl, Go Ah Jung (played by Yoon Eun Hye)? Would his world turn upside down just because a simple lie?Oh I’m getting curious.. :o

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  1. I’ve recently finished watching this drama. I loved it and Kang Ji Hwan was absolutely adorable and gorgeous in it. The lead female characted played Gong Ah Jung was rather annoying in the first 6 episodes, where she was hardly standing and walking straight, not to mention the constant spurts of emotions coming out of her. But I guess that is what makes Yoon Eun Hye such a good actress.

    The two kiss scenes were passionate and when you watch it, you feel their heightened emotions, especially the Coca Cola kiss. Kang Ji Hwan gets your heart racing in the way he looked at the lead. The chemistry between the two leads was amazing. The only disappointment was, after the two kisses, there weren’t anymore, even when Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung were already a couple. Mostly huggings and chaste kisses on the cheek and lips.

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