“The Client” for this Autumn

We’ll have many gentlemen for this autumn on theater, Gong Yoo on “Crucible”, Kwon Sang Woo on “Pain”, Cha Tae Hyun on “Champ”, and many more including from “The Client”. This movie is not only presenting one man, but three sexy men: Jang Hyuk, Ha Jung Woo and Park Hee Soon.

“The Client” resembles with the title tells about the lawyer and the client, and the setting mostly on courtroom. Jang Hyuk plays as a suspect for a murder without the body, and Ha Jung Woo plays as his lawyer, who will battle with Park Hee Soon who plays as prosecutor.

Whoaa.. i like the argument-battle on courtroom, full of tense and intrigue. Even it means I have to use my brain while watching this triller movie, but at least with watching this movie makes me looks smart??..hahaha.. :mrgreen:   “The Client” will be released on late September with a bunch of competitors.

[by Blossom]

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