The Close Relationship Joo Won – Uhm Tae Woong Due to SIB “특수본”

Looking at the movie chart in Korean cinemas nowadays, we’ll find out that “Special Investigation Bureau” (SIB) was among the 10 box office movies together with Lee Min Ki’s “Chilling Romance” and Yoo Ah In’s “Punch” (완득이 – Wandeuki ). Starred by Uhm Tae Woong and Moon Joo Won, this action movie has caught so much attention by Korean viewers. Well, I think their famous names contribute a lot for the promotion of the movie. As we all know, Uhm Tae Woong has been more famous since he joined “2 Days 1 Night” and Joo Won with his “Ojakgyeo Brother”, both aired on KBS.

The two sexy men have developed a good relationship since the filming of the movie and Joo Won just couldn’t hold his admiration to his senior. Well of course in a brotherhood context. Joo Won kept praising Uhm Tae Woong as a very kind person that he really really like him. He got along with the calm Tae Woong very quickly. And he wouldn’t hesitate to ask, “Have you eaten, Hyeong?” and he knew that his over-care to Tae Woong sometimes made him embarrassed. But if you watch “2 Days 1 Night”, you’ll know that Tae Woong is basically a shy person, but he’s a very cool guy who gets along with his juniors very well.

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