“The Man From Nowhere” Press Confrence

I hate Won Bin’s outfit when he attended “The Man From Nowhere” press confrence, held yesterday (July 8 2010) at Seoul Apgujeong-dong CGV. However, I like that he’s back to this haircut. Won Bin didn’t smile alot during the confrence, maybe they wanted to start building Tae Shik’s expresionless image on him as early as they could. Won Bin did really fit it (despite his funny sweater, of course).

The actors, including Won Bin as the leading, had to do many high risk actions. The idea of “one shoot only” wire action in this movie was so dare devil in my opinion. Because if one actor had slipped, he could’ve endangered the others. Won Bin himself said that the most dangerous action was battle using knife and sword. One mistake could cost someone’s eyes. So everyone had to everything in a very careful way yet very sharp and precise.

Tae Shik character, as the focus of the story, was a very complex man. Well, just think about it: a man who cut himself off from the outside world, giving no damn for his own family and relative, literally coldhearted, but yet care this little-girl-next-door buddy so much. He even risk his life to save her when the girl is kidnapped. Won Bin faced a great challenge in Tae Shik character. He had to build an expressionless image on the outside,
yet had to be able to show Tae Shik’s deep emotion, especially the care and love he had for the little girl while he’s basically have no heart.

Hmm, i think that’s a very complicated character…really can’t wait to watch this movie.
It’ll be released on August 5th 2010.

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