The Third Mourning Days: The Funeral

Still a bit of shock and mourning, I’m trying to find news about causes of Park Yong Ha’s suicide..
In the afternoon after the incident, the Gongnam Police provide information that the 32 years old Hallyu Star died from suffocation. Park Yong Ha hung his neck with a cell phone charger wires on the bedpost (imagining it makes me shudder …).
The police ensured Park Yong Ha commited suicide about 3:00 am and his body was found by his mother around 5:30 pm.
The police can’t investigate any further about the cause of death because the family refused autopsy on the body of Park Yong Ha. (Too bad…)
Many speculation emerge about the cause of Park Yong Ha’s decision to end his life this way because he didn’t leave any messages or suicide note. This actor and singer had been almost 14 years consumed sleeping pills for insomnia (he himself admitted via Twitter).
In the recent months he was believed to endured many problems, especially his father issue who was suffered from health problems of stomach cancer. In addition, his company, YONA Entertainment, reportedly was having financial problems, and those things caused the debt increase. Plus the pressure of work as an actor and singer. With such a load in his mind, it’s very possible for him to get a depression.
Several hours before the incident, Park Yong Ha went to his father and wept, according to his father, his cry was like saying ‘I Should be the one who’s sick, not you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry “ (Oooh…so sad) :cry:  :cry:

I think there were peculiarities in Park Yong Ha’s suicide. He was undergoing a tour in Japan which started last week, he returned to Korea only to see his father. Late July, he was scheduled to begin production of his latest drama “Love Song-Drama“, in August he planned to hold concerts in Japan. A few days ago when the South Korean team lost on the 2010 FIFA World Cup, via Twitter he said about his proud for the South Korean Team as well as giving them supports. It felt strange, people who planned a suicide but still had planned plenty of activities and encouraging the others…

Additional by Rizz:

Park Yong Ha’s funeral commenced this morning, July 2nd, through a Buddhist ceremony. It was attended by families, close friends, fellow celebrities, and of course his loyal fans. He’s been very very popular in Japan and many of his Japanese fans made their effort to attend his funeral. The funeral was flooded with tears. And looking at the photograph So Ji Sub’s holding, Park Yong Ha in white shirt smiling his beautiful smile, really break people’s heart.

Park Yong Ha and So Ji Sub had been buddies since college times. I can never imagine how So Ji Sub’s feeling, holding his buddy picture in his funeral…

the fans…

the family and close friends…

So Ji Sub’s saying goodbye to his best friend for the last time…

Fellow celebrities: Kim Min Jeong and Park Shi Yeon

The coffin…

The ashes…

We’ll miss you… :cry:

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5 Responses to The Third Mourning Days: The Funeral

  1. park yong haa…. my favorite artist @ ON AIR…cool…dewasa…bijak

    walau pas di winter sonata agak nyebelin..tapi tetep gantenggggggggg

    ( my type phisically hehehehe….) yah sedih bgt ga bs liat dia lagi dechh,

    knp bisa begini ya??? the world just a short time, so don’t let the time to do

    something that we dislike…hmm apa selama ini Mr. park tertekan

    dengan yang dia lakukan?? we dont know

  2. hidalia djamal

    kasian ya…sampe bunuh diri…..btw dia yg maen film apa ya……lupa2 inget gitu…

  3. Joyce Yagoda USA

    That young actor’s life has been changed for ever. I am sure he looks at everything differently, now. He is no longer innocent. I had a friend who hung himself, but was watched by the neighbor through his window. She dial the emergency number and the cops and paramedics were able to save him with a ventilator tube. It tools months but that was yrs ago and he is fine now. I feel sorry that the actor/singer felt that nothingness is better than life.

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