Where Is Jung Seung Phil?

Lee Beom Soo had once again proved his expertise in comedy movie. This time he act as financial manager who suddenly disappeared without a trace in a movie called “Where Is Jung Seung Phil” also known as “The Weird Case of Mr. Missing. J.”
One day Jung Seung Phil (Lee Beom Soo) mysteriously disappeared from the side of his fiancee, Mi Seon (played by Kim Gyu Ri). Investigations were immediately carried out by police based on the reports received from Mi Seon. Everyone who knew or had met with Jung Seung Phil before he disappeared was not left out from the inspection of detective Kim (played by Son Chang Min).
The mysterious disappearance of this financial manager immediately made headlines and weirdly, the investigation of this case eventually opened up the hidden secrets of all people involved. The mystery plot of this movie was developed ranging from kidnapping, murder, escape, until the embezzlement of money.
The movie was aired in 2009 and a kind of witty collaboration of silliness and intelligence that successfully manifested in a tickled story by Kang Seok Beom as the director.

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