Why Was Song Hye Kyo Absent in Hyun Bin’s “Late Autumn” Premiere?

I think It’s been a long time since we last saw Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin together in public, has it? This couple seemed to be drown in each of their busyness and popularity.

The premiere of Hyun Bin’s current movie, “Late Autumn” (만추) was held last night, February 11th, at Seoul COEX, and Song Hye Kyo wasn’t arround. It aroused a big question among the press, but it said that Ms. Song wasn’t intentionally didn’t want to come. She just couldn’t leave her work because she was caught in the middle of the filming of “Nobody Somebody”, a movie she directed herself. So there was a strong reason she couldn’t come to her boyfriend’s movie premier.

However, i think it’s a bit fishy. They both just seem to go on two different ways that’s making longer and longer distance with each other. I mean, Hyun Bin is signing up for military very very soon…shouldn’t she spend more time with him a little more?  :?

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2 Responses to Why Was Song Hye Kyo Absent in Hyun Bin’s “Late Autumn” Premiere?

  1. Maybe they do spend time together and they just do not want to do in in public since it is their private lives so they have the right to keep it quiet and private.

    If Song Hye Kyo attends the premiere, the limelight will be focused on her and Hyun Bin instead of the movie. There will probably be more questions asked about their lovelife than the movie.

    I find it very generous of Hye Kyo to not share in the limelight of Hyun Bin since it will be a long time before Hyun Bin will be out in the public eye again.

    They will have more time since Hye Kyo can visit him where he will be stationed since he is not going anywhere during the 2 years of military service.

  2. Nah, they’ve called it quit! Those two were dating for a brief only but needed to maintain the “couple” status for their CF with Laneige as its couple models. She was absent in his only hyung (big brother)’s wedding and also skipped his boss (Jang Dong Gun)s premiere, later, he was also absent from her birthday bash. That’s enough evidence to show us they’re not couple for quite a long time.

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