Won Bin “Ajeossi” at the 15th PIFF Opening Ceremony

On Oct. 7, The Pusan International Film Festival was officially started by holding a star-showered opening ceremony.
The PIFF will be held from 7 until 15 October.

Many celebrities attended the event, but my attention was caught mostly by Won Bin.
Yups .. my “Ajeossi” attended the event. :o
He looked handsome, law of nature indeed  B) , but seemed to have lost lots of weight?
Well, I guess It’s not surprising since he’s been busy promoting “The Man From Nowhere”.

He even attended this event with his co-star in that movie, Kim Sae Ron.
Ough…this kid makes me jealous.. X|

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  1. shoot…this guy is so HOOOTTT ;)

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