Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung for Fashion King’s Casts

Yoo Ah In’s movie ” Punch” (완득이) is quite success on theater, even becomes box office. And next year, it’s almost positive that Yoo Ah In will comeback on small screen. On December 15th, reportedly,  Yoo Ah In has been offered to become a male lead on SBS’s new drama “Fashion King”, and maybe Shin Se Kyung (Tree With Deep Roots) will be the female lead.

“Fashion King” is an old project from What Happened in Bali’s writer, Lee Sun Mi. But thank goodness this drama doesn’t tell about bleak love story, instead will tell about fashion industry. It maybe not too different from “Style” and of course “Cinderella Man”, since these scripts, Fashion King and Cinderella Man, are almost trapped on plagiarism issue on 2009. However I think maybe there will be a significant change on the storyline after some revisions here and there.

Okay, because this news is still ‘maybe’, so i don’t want to talk too much about this. The casts are still on negotiation. This drama is scheduled to start broadcasting on March 2012 following up “The Salaryman”.

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  1. Oh…I’m so dissapointed with the ending of this drama..Why would Yoo Ah In as Kang Young Gul get killed??

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