Yoo Seung Ho Is Warning His Appearance on “I Miss You”

Yoo Seung Ho is no longer the little So Ji Sub, look at these pics! you already grown up my boy…i cann’t believe you’re still only 19 years old.

On October 30, MBC’s most anticipated drama “I Miss You” (보고싶다) unveiled the stills of the second guy, Kang Hyun Jung.  After becoming the quirky god on “Arang and Magistrate”, for “I Miss You” Yoo Seung Ho has to portray the serious and gloomy person. Kang Hyun Jung is the half-brother of Han Jung Woo (played by Yoochun), he has a problem with his past. He keeps the self intention to get revenge for his pain. He even put his half-brother as his main rival, yeah…i bet something bad happened in their family. Beside the family problem, Lee Seo Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) also become the girl who will they both fighting for.

With the foggy and rainy vibe, Yoo Seung Ho appeared so gloomy and emotional showing his dark character. I love his expression he showed on these pics, reflect the anger, revenge, hatred, sadness, and sorrow. but i think Kang Hyun Jung is not a bad person here, he just has a deep wound in his heart.

This melodrama is ready for airing on November 7th.

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  1. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..
    only 19 O.O ..
    but agn dnt hv d chnl so cnt c dis mysterious guy :'(

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