OST You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartsrings) – Part 4

As we know, “Heartsrings” episode 6 ending was very heartbreaking. Shin was broken hearted by the death of his father. While Kyu Won…she had to face the ugly reality that Shin was crying in someone elses’s arms, not hers. And at that teary scene, the background soundtrack was just so perfect for the mood. This song is so heartbreaking…

M Signal – I Don’t Know

Kyu Won prologue when she saw Shin’s crying in Yoon Soo’s arms: “Shin’s crying. I wanted to be the first person to tell him that everything will be alright. But he’s in the arms of someone else, not me.” T_T T_T

And another sad song from OST part 4 is from FT Island. Oh I love this drama very very much that the soundtracks are sung by my favourite Korean bands! After all the series of CNBLUE’s Yong Hwa and Min Hyeok’s voice on part 1 to 3, it’s Lee Hong Gi and the band.

Anyway, this is also a heartbreaking song. Prepare a handkerchief guys…

FT Island – Even It’s Not Necessary

[by Rizz]

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