You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Getting to Final Episode

With You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) reaching the final episode tonight, the actors have wrapped up their filming yesterday.

Yong Hwa had said his thanks to all fellow actors, staff and crews of the drama through CNBLUE twitter. And Shin Hye just followed him yesterday. She said thanks to all fellow actors, staff, crews and viewers + fans for all the support for the drama.
She also uploaded these pictures along with her twitt.

For those who watched episode 14, you must wonder what’s going to happen with Shin’s hand and how the injury will affect his career and his relationship with Kyu Won.
Episode 15 spoiler showed how Kyu Won is given a singing career opportunity while Shin’s struggling alone with the unexpected injury.
It also showed that Shin’s is breaking up with Kyu Won… uuugggghhhhh!

My prediction is, yes they will really break up. Kyu Won is pursuing her singing career while Shin is getting through hard times but he will be a well known guitarist at the end. And they will separate for maybe few months or a year, and then reunite again with their feelings remain the same as it’s always been.
Well, at least that’s what they always have for a romantic drama, right?
I can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode!

[by Rizz]

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3 Responses to You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Getting to Final Episode

  1. yong jung hwa would be married with park shin hye .. ??

  2. Joanna Marie Jane Escosar

    I love you Lee Sin!! i love dis koreanovela and the theme songs .. this is added to one of my favorite songs.. Saranghae.. :) MOre koreanovelas to come ..!

  3. i luv them very much they should dat in real life i hope none of them aa not married

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