Ha Ji Won’s Tears on “Sector 7″ Press Conference

The “Sector 7″ PD, Kim Ji Hoon said that without Ha Ji Won “Sector 7″ will not have been created. I agree with you ajeossi, i think that’s not an overstatement. “Sector 7″ is a tribute to Ha Ji Won.

On July 11 at CGV Seoul Wangshipri held “Sector 7″ press conference, the main roles attended that event: Ahn Sung Gi, Ha Ji Won, Oh Ji Ho, and others.

That PD’s statement worths so much for Ha Ji Won, because for this movie she works so hard, doing a torture physical exercise. But now, Ha Ji Won can feel relieve since her movie is wrapped up filming and even before officially released, it has been a sold out for overseas.

In tears, Ha Ji Won said that this day like her-dream-come-true day. She was grateful to accept Kim Ji Hoon’s offer  to play in Sector 7.

“Sector 7″ will officially released on August 4th.

[by Blossom]

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5 Responses to Ha Ji Won’s Tears on “Sector 7″ Press Conference

  1. I’m so agree with PD kim ji hoon! Sector 7 is HJW herself! She’s sooooo amazing~ she’s so versatile, always ready to challenge herself, an ever-changin-actress~ she’s indeed a Korean Icon. I love korea m0re bcoz of Ha jiwon!

  2. I just love ha ji won(very very special cool girl)

  3. Ha Ji Won is the best Korean actress. She’s the most beautiful n talented actress of Korea which I admire most.

  4. ฮาจีวอนสู้ๆนะคะ หนูและแฟนคลับที่ไทยทุกคนเป็นกำลังใจให้ You are my inspiration forever.Love love love love love love love love you very much. ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. สาวกฮาจีวอน

    She is amazing woman for me. ^^ รักฮาจีวอนที่สุด

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