“Sector 7” Released Poster for Overseas

Thanks to Cannes Film Festival, “Sector 7” become popular around the world. Before officially be released on August 4th, there’re already 46 countries that ordered the broadcasting rights of this movie.

For anticipation, the official released poster special for overseas. In this poster appear the leading roles: Ha Ji Won (Cha Hae Joon), Ahn Seong Gi (Jeong Man), and Oh Ji Ho (Kim Dong Soo). No need more comment about this poster, i’m dying to wait for this movie to be released.

“Sector 7” is a 3D blockbuster tells about Eclipse’s crews with Jeong Man (played by Ahn Seong Gi) as the Captain. In the middle of the sea on an oil platform where they’re fighting for their own life with mutant creature which is infection by foreign viruses.

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