“Sector 7” VIP Movie Premiere Event

On July 26th, at 4 pm Seoul time,  VIP movie premiere and press conference for “Sector 7” was held. This movie will be officially released on August 4th. On that event almost all the actors from that movie attended, Ha Ji Won, Oh Ji Ho, Ahn Seong Gi, and Park Cheol Min.

“Sector 7” will also be released in 3D format. This action sci-fi movie tells about staffs of rig oil named “Eclipse” in the middle of the ocean who are terrorized by mutant monster. This is a battle between human and scary creature.

Ahn Seong Gi plays as Ahn Jeong Man, a leader of this oil rig team, maybe will not much different with Bruce Willis’s role on “Armageddon”. His team consists of  Cha Hae Joon (Ha Ji Won), Kim Dong Soo (Oh Ji Ho), Park Cheol Min, and others. Ahn Seong Gi is a veteran actor, so no doubt for his acting skill, i put my trust on him. He admit that it’s not easy to act in this action movie (much physical scene for this abeoji), but he’s still doing the best for this movie as a charismatic captain.

And for comedian Park Cheol Min, playing in an action movie does not make him lose his sense of humor. He still appears comical. So don’t worry, this movie wont only show the battlefield, there will also be the humor from Park Cheol Min, wisdom from Ahn Seong Gi and romance from Ha Ji Won-Oh Ji Ho.

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