“Black Parade” on The 47th DaeJong Film Festival Opening Ceremonial

September 25, The 47th Daejong Film Festival has officially opened and will run for 6 days.
The opening ceremony was held at Seoul City Hall Square. Many actors who attended the event, Oh Ji Ho,  the ambassador, came up with holding Joo Yeo Jeong’s hand. Besides them, there were So Ji Seob (who gets a special award), Kim Ji Mi, Uhm Jung Hwa, Baek Seong Hyeon, Yoon Ji Min, Son Eun Seo, Ji Seong Won and others.
And almost all of them presented on black dresses and suits!!!Looks so elegant… :o

They had the screening of “Into the Fire” the opening ceremony and the appearance of an idol group “Secret”.
During the 6 good days, Seoul will enjoy the good movies with good quality actors. On September 29, Daejong Film Festival Award will be held as the ending of the festival.

So Ji Seob

Oh Ji Ho and Joo Yeo Jeong

Son Beom Su and Hyeon Yeong

Ji Seong Won

Son Eun Seo

Uhm Jung Hwa

Baek Seong Hyeon

Yoon Ji Min

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