Red Carpet Report From The Opening Ceremony of The 16th PiFan

Since 1997 Bucheon city carry out the  PiFan to promote the movies and of course the city. This year the event will run for 10 days, from July 19th until 29th. On ten days not only there will be screening  movies from 47 countries on fantastic various genre –such as horror, melodrama, action, fantasy– moviegoers and Bucheon’s citizen also will be entertained by the exhibitions, street performances,  parties, and fan meeting.

Therefore, on Saturday evening (July 19th), so many actors and actresses gathered on Bucheon city. They walked on red carpet for opening ceremony of The 16th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. They are, Ha Ji Won, Min Hyo Rin, Park Hae Il, Ha Jung Woo, Jang Na, Ra, Park Bo Yeong, Park Ha Seon, Ahn Sung Gi, Oh In Hye, Lee Je Hoon,  and more.

Special for Ha Ji Won, Ha Jung Woo, Min Hyo Rin, and Lee Je Hoon,  they came to that event also to  receive the awards from the producers and Bucheon’s citizen. Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won gained The Producers’s Choice Awards, while Min Hyo Rin and Lee Je Hoon chose as the favorite actress and actor, that was from the poll that conducted on June.

This is the result from red carpet performance from those particular actors and actress. That evening, at a glance the actors were almost perfect with their suits, meanwhile the actresses looked more daring, bold , and sexy.

My favorite young actress, Park Bo Yeong came alongside with the neat Yoo Yeon Seok. I love her modest dress looked simple and sweet, the color was really fit for her ages, but too bad with her loose hair she just looked plain.

Finally i admitted that Jang Na Ra already thirty something, on this event the hair style, the make up, the dress made her looked mature and sexy. Her baby face partner, Im Ji Ryung was wearing the bow tie on his white suit that made him looked so cute.

Black and White, or maybe the devil and the angle, Jang Woo Hyuk looked wild in  black outfit and messy colored hair, and Jang Seo Hee was so pure in white goddess gown.

Choi Yoon Yeong and Nam Bo Ra came together. They both were wearing the black dresses, but i prefer Choi Yoon Yeong’s black mini dress, just sexy and simple, for Nam Bo Ra’s, i think she should have cut the dress shorter.

Go Se Won, neat and stiff with black bow tie, but thank goodness he is handsome.

When i saw this picture i couldn’t believe this was the same actor who played on “Bow The Ultimate Weapon”, Park Hae Il’s smile was so sweet in here…

Hail for this veteran actor! He’s  always consistent.

Ha Jung Woo, the Man of the Match, looked older because he was wearing glasses. He looked really serious here.

With the big smile, the rising actor, Lee Je Hoon ,walked on red carpet. I bet he must be really proud of himself that his acting can be appreciated by moviegoers and filmmakers. He appeared with semi-formal outfit, just wearing the black shirt behind his jacket, but i hate his shoes.

Actually this dress was so cute, but i think on her ages, Choi Song Hyun  made this dress looked odd.

As always, the goddess appeared. Ha Ji Won was blending the chocolate and pale blue on her gown, and with the nude make up on her face that contrast her orange lips, she looked elegant. And i want her tiny butterfly clutch!

I love Han Hye Rin here, her mini dress was so cute with that big ribbon, added with open-toes platform high heel she just looked like a doll.

A half shoulder on her black gown made Jung Hee Yeon looked sexy, but i just love her bangle.

Absolutely wasn’t my favorite, but i must appreciated Lee Ah Rin who came to that event in the black net shirt plus bow tie and the hot pants, and with the boots this actress looked so spunky.

I love red and i love Min Hyo Rin. She’s always perfect when preforms on each red carpet events, but i think this time this red gown was too much for her very skinny waits. She looked like drowning on her own gown..

Just a simple Na Ye Rin, with a sexy black gown and simple hairstyle.

She looked pretty and elegant  in gown with flowers ornament. Actually, even though making a controversy I prefer the orange one for On In Hye that she wore on opening ceremony of The 16th BIFF 

Song Se Bin on the spotlight when she came in hot pink gown. On her perfect body, even the pink could be as sexy as this.

Wow! for Park Ha Seon, she looked so hot when she was wearing that backless gown! And i chose that as the best dress from that event, i love the design and the color made that gown looked splendid.

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