Red Carpet from 16th BIFF Opening Ceremony

Sorry i’m too late post this article, but it’s better than never.
On October 6th was held opening ceremony of 16th Busan International Film Festival. this is one of the international biggest event that held in Korea. The festival held for 9 days, so it will end on October 14th. On that event there will be screening 307 movies from 70 countries.

So many actors and actress came to that event even from overseas. And these are pictures from fashion frenzy on red carpet. They are Jang dong Gun, So Ji Sub, Cha Seung Wan, Choi DAniel, Kim Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo, Goo Hye Seon, Wang Ji Hye,

So Ji Sub-Han Hyo Joo, the couple from “Only You”, were wearing blacks, maybe to describe how gloomy their love on that movie. “Only You” was chosen as the opening movie.

My Way’s casts, Jang Dong Gun, Jo Odagiri, and the pretty Fang Bing Bing

“Fighting Spirit” couple, Kim Sun Ah and Kim Joo Hyuk

Choi Daniel looked cute on bow tie.

and our hottest ajeossi, need more comment for this guy.

I love Jo Odagiri style, simple and comfortable but looked cool with his rebel image, and the most stunning daddy, Jang Dong Gun, looked so happy,

On white gown, Kang So Ra was like a princess. Kim Ha Neul looked like a bride, Nam Gyu Ri looked like a doll, and Park Ye Jin looked like a fairy.

Wang Ji Hye looks prettier and innocent with nude make up and broken white gown with flower pattern

Seon Eun Seo, on retro outfit even the hairstyle, looks different but cute.

Min Hyo Rin (Sunny), a messy gown.


Goo Hye Seon, she came not as an actress but as a director on that event, she looked confident with her simple dress.

with Greece gown, Kim Ji Woo transformed into a goddess.

Electric blue for MC on that event, Uhm Ji Won, the right gown if you want to be a center of universe that night.

Yoo In Na, looked calm and elegant with that color.

Oh In Hye became hot topic that night due to her controversial gown, but i think there’s nothing wrong with the orange gown, the gown wa so perfect.

Advice for Park Jin Hee, I think you shouldn’t wear red gown on red carpet ceremony, even the gown absolutely pretty but your charm fade.

Park Shi Yeon looked elegant with that make up, and the dress was so hot

I like the design but i hate the strip pattern, blurring your beauty, Kang Ye Won.

Sung Yoo Ri, looked confident on her simple black dress.

Nice gown, dark purple for Kim Gyu Ri, looked sexy.

Black for these ladies, Kim So Yeon was simple but glamour with black gown. Lee Jin looked safety with simple back dress, and Lee Yoon Ji looked bold and sexy with asymmetric black gown.



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