“Breathe” Miss A’s 2nd Single

Miss A, the new JYP’s protégé, after releasing “Step Up”, they continued on “Breathe”. Min, one of the Miss A members, announced it through her tweeter account just recently.

Anyway, watching the MV brought me into a deep wrinkling forehead… :?  “what they do in this MV? Are they singing or what? Are they sure they’re dancing? Oh c’mon…couldn’t they do something better?” :?
even when I finished seeing the whole MV, I still didn’t get the answer of my questions. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it at all. This MV just…from the music, the dance and the whole package, including their “physical” appearance really ruined my day. Gee, that’s harsh I know, but that’s what I think. Are they shaking their body? I don’t think so … I guess it is not the movement that’s wrong, but it’s the way they move with that movement that’s strange.
Maybe next time I’ll just watch the next chart and just skip this MV…sorry ;) This one is definitely not favorite.


[video and image source]

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